Improved content discovery through intelligent algorithms

Our recommendation technology employs a range of patented, self-learning, artificial intelligence algorithms that have been proven to more accurately match content offerings to individual viewers’ preferences.

Earn the loyalty of your customers through personalization

Personalized recommendations are on the verge of becoming present everywhere: in the living room and on connected devices as a trustworthy and highly relevant tool for individual content discovery. They have become almost required everywhere, not only due to the emancipation of media consumers who demand instant gratification according to their needs, but also because of the ever more complex offerings of content producers and providers. Our recommendation engine ensures that your customers will always receive the best, truly personalized recommendations available to them.

Give it a try: Experience our recommendation technology in our tablet app Discover TV DIGITAL.

Multiple Use Cases

We have developed expertise in how best to articulate and present recommendations to viewers, taking into account the way the content is being consumed:

  • Similarity: content-to-content recommendations, based on the similarity of assets (TV shows, movies, etc.)

  • Preference: personal profile recommendations, based on behavioral, implicit and explicit information of users or groups of users

  • Collaborative: user-to-user recommendations, based on “people who liked this also liked that” paradigm

  • Statistical: trend and hit list recommendations, e.g. “most watched”, “best rated”

  • Social: social profile and user-to-user recommendations, based on activity and connections in social networks

  • Editorial: Hand-picked recommendations from expert curators

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