UNICORN is a Universal (Video) Content Redistribution Network. Increasing reach and profitability of video through automated, self-learning curation, simplifying the User Interface and abstracting editorial workflows from backend technologies, while serving all publishing brands and target platforms. UNICORN is developed by FUNKE Digital, a subsidiary of FUNKE Mediengruppe.

We believe in the relevance of video for digital news storytelling. We want to enable editors to publish more video in less time. The UNICORN project aims to streamline editorial workflows and introduce economies of scale to video reporting. This project aims to overcome hurdles in workflow and marketplace and to establish a sustainable, profitable video business.

The solution

Lack of collaboration amongst publications has inhibited growth of news video in the German market. This resulted not from deliberate strategies or policies, but rather from technological limitations. Incompatible platforms, technical silos and workflows made it impossible for news organisations to quickly and efficiently share their videos with others. The UNICORN project address these shortcomings by empowering editors with an easy to use tool that provides them with one-stop access to all relevant videos and that abstracts technical complexities. Curated content can then be published to all platforms with one click.

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Be a Unicorn!

You want to distribute your content offering via UNICORN and monetize through extended reach? Or would you like to enhance your editorial offering with enticing video content? Get in touch!